PVC, Plastics, Nylon?


We get a lot of questions about printing onto PVC, vinyl, plastic and nylon.  Can it be done and if so what do I need is the typical question.   We have tried several different inks here and so have many of our customers.   For many plastics that can be put through the dryer, you can print with standard plastisol inks, I have printed directly onto sign vinyl, coroplast signs and neoprene, ran them through the dryer at about 300f with the belt set to full speed.  They come out dry and usually quite durable,  if you can scratch them, then send them through a second time.   

Another method is to add our MF66 nylon bonding agent which will not only help promote adhesion it will dry in the air, so once its printed just set it aside and with in the hour the substrates will be dry.    One more method is using our PermaPrint Premium waterbased inks, thought these do air dry so you need to print quickly,  the inks are very durable and I recommend you give them a try because clean up is so darn easy.

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  • Kevin Hartman
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