PVC, Plastics, Nylon? 0

We get a lot of questions about printing onto PVC, vinyl, plastic and nylon.  Can it be done and if so what do I need is the typical question.   We have tried several different inks here and so have many of our customers.   For many plastics that can be put through the dryer, you can print with standard plastisol inks, I have printed directly onto sign vinyl, coroplast signs and neoprene, ran them through the dryer at about 300f with the belt set to full speed.  They come out dry and usually quite durable,  if you can scratch them, then send them through a second time.   

Another method is to add our MF66 nylon bonding agent which will not only help promote adhesion it will dry in the air, so once its printed just set it aside and with in the hour the substrates will be dry.    One more method is using our PermaPrint Premium waterbased inks, thought these do air dry so you need to print quickly,  the inks are very durable and I recommend you give them a try because clean up is so darn easy.
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Water based inks; The awesomeness that is Permaset Aqua 0

Yes, WATER BASED inks got awesome when you weren't looking.  Although we have seen great improvements in recent years with durablility, color availability, opacity and shelf-life in the various water based ink lines for screenprinting, those features were just never really available all in one ink.  And those are pretty important features, am I right? 

The above print was one pull on black with a 225mesh screen and no underbase!


We have recently started stocking Permaset Aqua inks and have been really excited to see that along with the ability to print on such a wide range of substrates (not just textiles!), there are a ton of opaque, vibrant colors including neons, metallics and glow-in-the-dark and, this is the best part, they are NOT going to turn into a funky and unprintable scrambled-egg-looking mess overnight in it's own container.  With all of the water based ink testing we have done over the years that last one is a game changer.

Check out the full line and buy yours today on our Permaset page  If you need any more convincing or if you want to see some awesome prints, head on over to Permaset's Instagram page for some inspiration.  More info can be found here too: http://www.permaset.com.au/ 



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Screen Print vs. Vinyl Transfers? 0

Small runs of custom shirts can be a difficult decision to make when it comes to direct screen printing or vinyl transfers. Typically vinyl is the fastest way, but the detail of the art will ultimately dictate the best method to use.    If you’re able to efficiently prep screens and clean up then always lean towards screen printing as aside from the labor there’s far less cost involved in screen printing.  Vinyl is a quick, easy and a clean method, but is quick and easy what you want to deliver to you customer, or does taking your time and delivering a higher quality item fit your company?  

TV Commercial 0

Our really good friend Dominic at Keller William Real Estate did this awesome promo video for us.  Completely unscripted so enjoy.

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