Workhorse Super Seca Flash Cure Unit

The Super Seca is the most economical and functional flash curing unit in the industry. Keeping with the Workhorse tradition, the Super Seca is built to last with the dependability you need for your print shops needs. Features energy reflectors for enhanced edge curing, quality infrared heat panels and a 10 year warranty.

part 11010-SS-1616-C 
16 x 16", 110V


part 11010-SS-1818-C 
18 x 18", 110V


part 11010-SS-1818-220-C 
18 x 18", 220V


part 11010-SS-1824-C 
18 x 24", 220V


part 11010-SS-2424-C
24 x 24", 220V


Auto Rotation Box
Selectable auto and manual modes, the auto rotation box, moves your flash head to a safe home position between prints. Includes foot pedal control.


Temperature Control Box
This feature allows temperature reduction for scorch free flashing on all materials. 


Heavy Duty Casters
Makes rolling the Super Seca from one work center to another easy.


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