Franmar One-Step Clear

One Step Clear™ reduces  the current  two step screen reclaiming process into  one simple,  easy step.  No longer is it necessary to first wash plastisol ink off the screen  and then use  a reclaiming solution to remove  the emulsion.  With One Step Clear™ ink and emulsion is removed in one step that takes less than 5 minutes.   One Step Clear™ is a non-toxic  solution that saves times  and money.  
One Step Clear™ is delivered in concentrate form. This exciting product should be used in a screen dip 
tank diluted 6 parts water to one part concentrate. 
Note: In areas where there is a high iron and/or mineral content in the water, solution should be more concentrated (4 parts water to 1 part concentrate). Number of screens to be cleaned and average shelf life will be reduced with high iron and/or mineral content in the water. Deionized water can be used to obtain One Step Clear’s™ 6:1 dilution with effective cleaning of up to 600 screens and average shelf life of 4-6 months. Close One Step Clear™ container when not in use and store away from light in a cool place. Strong oxidant, keep away from other cleaning products.
Thoroughly scrape excess ink from the screen. Submerge screens in the solution in the dip tank. Leave submerged for 2 – 4 minutes. (Longer soaking will not harm the mesh or affect solvent based adhesives.) After soaking, take the screen out of the dip tank and use a pressurized spray to thoroughly rinse in a wash out booth. Dehazing is recommended after rinsing screen. Residuals of tougher inks left on screen can be cleaned off during the dehazing process.
When ready to replace solution, add Franmar’s One Step Clear™ Neutralizer to the old solution and let set over night. The neutralizer changes the solution’s pH level to neutral for a safe drain disposal. After draining old solution, ensure to rinse dip tank out thoroughly with clean water before adding new solution.Caution: Aluminum frame welds and roller frame bolts may rust in solution. If rusting occurs in solution, One Step Clear™ will not work as intended.
Because this product can be affected from freezing weather, inventory may be low and shipping could be an issue during our winter months.
Price includes neutralizer.

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