We Only Sell The Highest Quality Murakami Brand Meshes. Smartmesh: Precision Mesh, Exceptional Print Qualities!  Maintains consistent mesh openings that aid in preventing spot moire. Warp and weft threads are balanced to stretch equally during the print process. Smartmesh reaches stable tension levels quickly and retains tension for the life of the mesh. Smartmesh has memory, it resists both the initial pull of the squeegee as well as forces during the print stroke to preserve registration from the first print to the last. On finer meshes, the thread surface is treated to help ink transfer to substrate instead of hanging up in the mesh, yielding a better reproduction of artwork.


Our meshes are 53 inches wide and sold by the yard
Mesh counts indicate the number of threads per inch.  
Why do we have both white and dyed meshes? All meshes start out white, they dye higher mesh counts yellow because emulsions and stencils are not sensitive to yellow light.  When your art work has halftone dots or very fine lines, you need to protect each dot  from getting overexposed. Yellow or dyed mesh blocks all of the blue light spectrum that passes through, which would normally cause the dots or lines to become overexposed making them smaller and difficult or impossible to washout. Dyed meshes take slightly longer to expose, so you may need to adjust your light time. You will notice a difference when you’re able to hold all of your halftones dots.
Polyester S Mesh resists squeegee abrasion better, especially in shops that do not adjust squeegee angles or pressure.  Typically with all S mesh you can use slightly more angle and less pressure than is needed for standard mesh.  The benefits listed below also apply to Polyester S-Mesh with the exception of the thread construction. 


  • Less squeegee pressure needed.
  • Stronger base plate opacity.
  • Softer Hand plastisol prints.
  • More retained details in the print.
  • Stonger color for discharge with more image detail.
  • Higher mesh counts can be used with similar results to lower mesh counts.
  • 45 and 55 line halftones can be image

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