Heat Transfer Foils

Make your custom t-shirts stand out from the crowd with this special effect technique.  Adding just a touch or a full imprint of foil can increase the value and visibility of a shirt tremendously.  Foil is best applied through a transfer process on a special foil adhesive but it can also transfer to standard plastisol inks. A great alternative or compliment to metallic plastisol and waterbased inks.  Available in 12" x 200' rolls in various metallic colors. Use ATP-1001 Foil Adhesive with a 60mesh - 110mesh screen.


Print through a 60-110 TPI (23-43 TPcm) mesh tightened to a minimum of 25 newtons. A 60-70 durometer squeegee is
recommended. 1-2 strokes maybe necessary for the best deposit. To adhere sequins, beads or glitter, either sprinkle on top of wet
ink or remove shirt from platen and press into decorated product. For foil application, cure garment as normal. Set your heat press
to 375˚F (190˚C) and press for 15-20 seconds at moderate pressure.

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