Waterproof Inkjet Film

Our waterproof film is another great film for use in inkjet printer. Our waterproof film has been specialy coated to allow for a use on both dye based, pigment based and ultra chrome inks. Customers have reported using less ink on their dye based printers with our waterproof film than with non-waterproof films, and ink can be more expesive than film. Film is commonly referred to as vellum , acetate , transparencies , positives , negatives , separations , paper and many other terms. Essentially you put black artwork onto something clear.  

The waterproofing part refers to the coating applied to the film at the factory, it does not make the ink printed on the film waterproof, some ink will still run.  Basically its a term the industry gave this item and and this is what customers are use to calling it,  DO NOT GET IT WET.  This is true for all brands of "waterproof" inkjet films.

Available in 100 sheets per box or 100 foot rolls.


aka: FastPos, Accuart, 



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