QCM Quickmatch Pantone® Color System

Quickmatch Pantone® Color System
QMX is the world’s most accurate and it’s easy to use Pantone® licensed mixing system for plastisol textile inks. 
The QMX system is available in a quart size kit,  gallon sized kit, or you can purchase the inks and additives separately.
The QMX system consists of 12 colored inks, a transparent base and a white base, which can be mixed to create over 1,000 standard colors. QMX is Pantone® licensed and has been approved by major designer labels.
Quart size kit:
  • Quart QMX 1030 Clear Base
  • Quart QMX 1130 White Base
  • Pints of (12) mixing colors
Gallon size kit:
  • Gallon QMX 1030 Clear Base
  • Gallon QMX 1130 White Base
  • Quart of (12) mixing colors

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