QCM STR-100 Stretch Base Plastisol Modifer

Stretch Base
STR-100 is a ready-to-use plastisol ink that is used to improve strength and elongation of standard plastisol inks (XOLB, LFP and WOW etc.). It can also be pigmented or used as a clear overprint.  Recommended mixing percentages are: Colors: 70% Color – 30% STR 100 White: 55% White – 45% STR-100 A higher level of STR-100 is possible, but can create a loss of opacity in your colors and whites.  Recommend 83-110 TPI (32-43 TPcm) for best results. Screens stretched to a minimum of 25 newtons are recommended. A thicker deposit is better. The thicker the deposit, the longer the print will last. In lab testing, we have found that a print-flash-print held up the longest in comparison tests

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