Pro-Angle™ Scoop Coater 16inch

The Pro-Angle™ 2 Scoop Coater is the latest enhancement to our popular Pro-Angle™ line of scoop coaters. The newest version features both thick and thin sides for the desired coverage with any emulsion. The deeper trough saves both time and money, especially when coating large or multiple frames. With a capacity for twice the emulsion of traditional scoop coaters, the Pro-Angle 2 reduces the number of refills between passes.

All Pro-Angles are made from top-quality extruded aluminum, balanced and calibrated to lay down a uniform coating every time, All-metal construction withstands even the most severe shop environments and features a hard, anodized gold aluminum finish for added durability. The convenient anti-tip design allows you to put down the scoop coater without spillage, saving on emulsion and cleanup time.

Losing or breaking a plastic end cap during cleanup is no longer a concern with permanent, recessed end caps that are drilled, tapped, and screwed into position to catch emulsion overflow and for extended wear.

The Pro-Angle 2 includes a combination edge guard/dust cover to protect against nicks, keep debris out of the emulsion and prolong the life of emulsion left in the trough.


Always order a Scoop Coater 1" larger than the area you are coating with liquid. For example, a 10" Scoop Coater covers a 9" liquid coating area. Your coating area should be 2" (1" on each side) larger than your copy or print area. Thus, for optimum results, the Scoop Coater is a total of 3" larger than your print area. Scoop Coaters work best when the coating edge is cleaned after each use with a cloth dampened with warm water. 

The emulsion must always be covered with plastic or cardboard on the coating trough while liquid is in the Scoop Coater unit.

The Scoop Coater has a special rubber edge protector that should be attached when it is not in use. It protects the edge against nicks that can damage your fabric.


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