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We are all part of the land.

Some of us recognize this because we're outside working it, we breathe it daily.

It provides our means of making a living. It gives us work in this country.

To the majority of us the land will show itself as a quick scene of beauty.

We see the light coloring fields, hills, rivers, and mountains.

A compliment of a sunrise or sunset.

The land becomes the purpose of a hike, the appreciation of a soccer field or golf course;

the promise of a planted field.
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We cannot ignore the land, it's our most intimate connection to the earth.

We realize ...

It .. nourishes us.

We submit this show to two organizations: Skagit Land Trust and Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland.

They represent people who recognize land stewardship, care of the environment, and an appreciation of the unique,

magnificent beauty of a land ..

called Skagit.

Visions from the Valley

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