Quickdraw Numbering System

The original and still the best pin registration numbering system. Printing numbers has never been faster or easier. You can now print high quality, cost effective team numbers in both one and two color numbers in single or double digits. Our newly designed powder coated Aluminum Master Frame has stainless steel pins along the top and bottom of the frame for proper and simple number screen placement. Each small number screen is made of aluminum with special registration plates welded in place on the top and bottom. They simply drop into place on the corresponding top and bottom stainless pins. Works with any rear clamping press or any side clamping press that can hold a 25" wide screen.

Customers love our system over other systems, here's why:
Small individual screens vs. one large inline screen, if the large screen breaks your completely out of printing numbers, with our quickdraw system you can just use another screen in a pinch and the restretching price is far less.

We include the film positives so you can burn your own screens, no need to send them back to us to have this done. Other numbering systems with individual number frames typically make them from thin pieces of folded aluminum that bend and hold very little ink. Our frames are made just like our full size frames same durable bar stock and room for plenty of ink. Our system works with all most every manual printing press on the market, no need for a dedicated press for printing numbers.

One color system includes: 1 Master Frame, 10 Number Screens, Squeegee, Scoop Coater and 1 color film set (your choice of size and font).

Two color system includes: 1 Master Frame, 20 Number Screens, Squeegee, Scoop Coater and 2 color film set or 2 one color film sets (your choice of size and font).

Here is a screen rack that fits the system.

QuickDraw Instruction Manual

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