Franmar Green Again

Franmar's Green Again is the newest innovation in plastisol ink removing technology.  This "upcycled" formula was designed with the environment and human health in mind, to help promote a safe workplace. It has received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment (EPA-Dfe) recognition for its safer chemistry. Created from upcycled oils, Green Again is nontoxic and non-evaporable, has low VOC levels of only 2.7% (23.7 g/L),  rinses off with water, leaves no residue and is 100% biodegradable and safe for drains.

Franmar uses recycled bottles filled by gravity, not electricity and Green Again is packed and shipped with recycled cardboard. Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

What is Upcycled? Traditionally, all commercial vegetable oils were considered waste and disposed of after use. Thanks to research aimed at finding alternative fuel sources, experts discovered that recycled vegetable oils could be purified and used as a valuable ingredient in numerous products. Today, eco-wise businesses have their oils collected where they can be renewed utilizing advanced filtration techniques. The result is oil that is so pure it can be made into effective cleaning products that meet Franmar quality standards of excellence.



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